Kon Tiki Playa Negra

The best place to stay is with friends...

More than a hostel, Kon Tiki is a family.  This is the home we built with our own hands, in harmony with the natural surroundings, where we raised our two children (Jerónimo and Marina), and where we’ve had the pleasure of sharing countless good times with guests and friends from around the world.  

In 1992, when Marina was 5 months and Jerónimo 3 years old, we moved from Peru to Costa Rica.  After years of traveling, working, and surfing throughout the world, we finally arrived on this gorgeous untamed land in Guanacaste. At the time, there was little here but jungle and huge empty waves. We camped for 6 months while we built the first tiny piece of what is now Kon Tiki.  There was no electricity, no roads (at least not when it rained), and only a handful of neighbors for miles around.  Yet despite the many hard times that lay ahead, we knew we’d found home.  

In 1997, Los Pargos got its first electric lines; and as the years passed and the four walls of Kon Tiki became 3 stories, 5 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, a wide brick oven, and expansive terraces, we got telephone lines, cable TV, and even internet.  The roads became passable in wet season, the first rare guests were followed by more and more, and the seaside jungle slowly became a town.  

Over the years, Kon Tiki has become something of a local landmark.  An article in Transworld Surf introduced us to the world as 

“…a huge treehouse that sleeps and feeds groups of traveling surfers…[where] Giovanna Martinez will take you in and treat you like her own. She’s an incredible cook and sweet as chocolate, not to mention her two youngsters and husband can steer you in the right direction for surf."

And in 2010, we hosted a group of five Brazilian girls (just in time for Martin’s birthday…) whose adventures in Playa Negra were featured in the May issue of Trip.para.Mulher magazine. (Check out the great article and the warm recommendation we received here.)

Today, though much has changed, Playa Negra still has all the charm we fell in love with two decades ago.  The roads are still unpaved and potholed, the nearest ATMs and streetlights are an hour away, and the Howler monkeys still dangle by their tails in the treetops over Kon Tiki, serenading us with the same old song they’ve always sung.  And that’s just the way we like it.  

We hope you’ll join us soon, and bring a few more buenas vibras from around the world to share with Kon Tiki!